What does VBMC do?

Valley Bar Mediation Center supports the greater Los Angeles area  with a wide range of community oriented activities. Our mediators educate the public about benefits of conflict resolution and mentor business & organization leaders about the value of alternative dispute resolution. We train individuals in the practice of mediation and  teach mediation to students, parents, teachers and administrators in schools. Our central aim is to reduce acrimony in local communities.

VBMC also works to increase access to justice. Mediators help parties who are already engaged in legal action, and those trying to avoid litigation, to resolve disputes and conflicts. Disputes are time consuming, costly and create emotional distress. Mediation provides a simpler, faster path to solving problems and greater opportunity for people to participate directly in the process.

VBMC Programs include:

  • Educational and training workshops offered to schools, local businesses and organizations.
  • Establishment of panel of highly qualified educators/mediators who assist in resolving community and litigated issues and disputes. VMBC selects mediators based on standards related to education, experience, ethical compliance, and specific expertise.
  • Opportunities for those studying mediations to gain experience through practice and training.
  • Strong evaluation standards to achieve goals.
  • Employment of best practices and lessons learned in conflict resolution and mediation.


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