Business ConferenceValley Bar Mediation Center’s mediators are trained ambassadors who volunteer to present programs to different organizations, businesses, schools and networking groups without charge.  Our mediators are available to present a variety of topics including highly specialized areas, the practice and process of mediation and peer-to-peer mediation programs in schools.  Community organizations can also benefit from VBMC’s vast expertise in developing training programs, workshops and keynote presentations.

VBMC mediators are specialized in areas such as real estate, insurance, business, employment/workplace, family law, probate, bankruptcy, personal injury, and the entertainment industry. Our mediators train others on how to utilize mediation concepts to  audiences interested in these subjects.

Another focus of VBMC’s mediators is the process and practice of mediation. Our speakers offer education in conflict management, conflict prevention and conflict resolution. Different stages of mediation, negotiation skills and problem-solving are among the main topics of their expertise.

Our mediators are eager to engage with Peer-to-Peer Mediation programs in schools. Mediators teach students learn how to use conflict resolution to get along and become leaders to help other students solve disagreements. They also work with administrators, teachers and parents on issues facing the school environment.

VBMC is committed to help diverse communities by creating a dialogue around multicultural issues, ethnic and religious differences, gender barriers, generational divides and lifestyle choices.

We welcome the opportunity to present educational programs and offer trainings or workshops. Please contact us at deanna.armbruster@gmail.com or 818-693-1144.